Standardization Institute
of the Republic of North Macedonia
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Preparation of Macedonian standards

 Standards are prepared by observing the principle of consensus by the technical committees consisting of the interested parties – representatives of the industry, state bodies, academic institutions and consumers. The work of these technical committees is organized and coordinated by a national standardization body, i.e. by the Standardization Institute of the Republic of North Macedonia.
The basic procedure for preparation of standards is in accordance with the ISRSM Internal Regulations based on the European and International principles.


The standards' preparation consists of several phases:

  • Identification of the need for new standards (submitted initiative);
  • Study of the need for a new standard;
  • Forming a technical committee (present or new),
  • Preparation of a draft standard and reaching a consensus within the technical committee;
  • Public inquiry of the draft-standard;
  • Approval and publication of the standard,