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ISRSM Enquiry – Public comment at national level

As part of ISRSM ongoing efforts to improve the openness and transparency of the national Standardization System, and in line with the provisions of the EU Regulation on European Standardization (1025/2012), ISRSM have encouraged its stakeholders especially SMEs to actively participate in standardization activities. The process of public enquiry is one of the main steps where this can be achieved. By proving user friendly online platform ISRSM enables interested parties to access draft standards and submit comments via the internet. This is recognized as one of the three good standardization practices.

The Public Enquiry is conducted and consists of an integrated process that covers two aspects of activities of stakeholders. One aspect, which refers to public action, taking into account the interests of any stakeholders to contribute with their comments to the content of the draft standards and the second aspect, the decisions made on the proposal of the stakeholders - members of the Technical Committees in the national standardization bodies acting upon previously submitted comments.
This process is a key for developing a wide accepted standards, standards build on a consensus and standards that improved quality of products, procedures and services, quality of life and human health, safety of property and the protection of the environment.

Procedure of public enquiry