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The breakup of Yugoslavia was the reason for dissolution of the Federal bureau for standardization and metrology, where the Former Yugoslav Republics were all equal members. This resulted with establishment of appropriate standardization and metrology institutes in all republics. In that way, the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia established the Bureau of standardization and metrology with its tasks in the area of standardization, accreditation and metrology.


The development of the international and European activities in these areas imposed the need for division of these three areas into separate institutions, all for the purpose of more efficient working and their development, so that the Bureau of standardization and metrology was divided into: Standardization Institute, Accreditation Institute and Metrology Bureau. The main goal of ISRSM derives from its general activity - undertaking, adopting and issuing European and International standards as national standards, by which it gives considerable contribution in the improvement of the quality of products, procedures and services.


ISRSM achieves its goal by defining of the characteristics of products, procedures and services, which determine their capability for meeting certain standards, quality of life and people’s health, property safety and protection of the life environment and nature, cost-effectiveness and rationality in the usage of the human workforce, materials and electric power in the production and exchange of goods and industrial efficiency by means of decrease and harmonization of diversity of particular products, processes and services, as well as the possibility for replacement of one product, process or service with another. In this way, the requirements are met and the obstacles in the international trade with goods and services are removed.