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Our Strategy

One of the prerequisites of the Republic of North Macedonia for becoming a member of the European Union, which is the main strategic goal of ISRSM, is the full membership of ISRSM in the European standardisation bodies CEN and CENELEC. In this direction, ISRSM should meet nine conditions. The ratified European agreement between EU and the Republic of North Macedonia, the established legal framework for voluntary standardization, as well the existence of recognizable national standardization body in the country- candidate and its functioning, in accordance with European principles for voluntary standardization, are only part of the principles which are not fully under authorization of ISRSM. This also includes the guarantee for paid annual membership by ISRSM in the European standardization bodies – CEN and CENELEC which is directly related to the provision of assets, or financial support by the country. The other five conditions: active participation in the work of European standardization bodies, provision of telecommunication and IT resources, adoption of minimum 80% of European standards and withdrawal of the conflicting national standards, implementation of notification procedures and standstill procedures and guarantees for protecting the rights of CEN and CENELEC publications, are directly associated with the organization, functioning and efficiency of the work of ISRSM, or establishment of efficient standardization system in the Republic of North Macedonia, which shall enable following and integration in the standardization system on European and international level. The strategy of ISRSM also includes taking appropriate participation in raising public awareness for standardization, and simultaneous and continuous establishing of international and bilateral cooperation which shall enable raising of the cooperation and communication level between the standardization bodies.

In order to implement the abovementioned activities, ISRSM is striving towards strengthening of the staff capacity of ISRSM in all categories, especially in the aspect of developing the training and certification department. By raising pubic awareness for standardization, ISRSM attempts to achieve proportional representation of all interested parties in the management bodies of ISRSM, hiring high-quality experts as members of the technical committees, hiring representatives of scientific and development institutions in all activities of ISRSM, promotion of the participation of customers’ representatives in the national, European and international standardization activities, promotion of the active inclusion of Macedonian representatives in the international and European standardization in the areas of public interest, as well promotion of the cooperation with the business sector, and especially with the small and medium enterprises, chambers and associations.