Standardization Institute
of the Republic of North Macedonia
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Our Structure

The ISRSM Assembly is composed of ISRSM members and representatives of the founder. The ISRSM Council is established with decision of the ISRSM Assembly. The ISRSM Council is composed of nine members: three representatives of the founder, four representatives of ISRSM members, one representative of ISRSM employees and the president of the ISRSM Assembly. The director of ISRSM is a management body of ISRSM. The competences of ISRSM Assembly, ISRSM Council and the director of ISRSM are described in details in the ISRSM Statute. ISRSM implements the standardization system in the Republic of North Macedonia through preparation, adoption and promotion of Macedonian standards and other standardization documents, representation, coordination and participation in the work of the international and European standardization bodies. ISRSM provides information about Macedonian, European and international standards from the base, sales standards and issues standardization publications.