Standardization Institute
of the Republic of North Macedonia
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Rights and obligations of ISRSM members

The member has the right to:

  • participate on meetings of the Assembly and to realize its voting right in accordance with the Rules of procedure of the Assembly;
  • participate in the work of ISRSM bodies and technical working bodies;
  • give initiatives for realization of works and tasks of ISRSM Assembly;
  • participate in the election of representative in ISRSM Council;
  • be chosen as representative in ISRSM Council;
  • be informed about ISRSM activities on regular basis;
  • receive the Announcement paper of ISRSM free of charge;
  • receive discount in the purchase of Macedonian standards;
  • receive discount for certain services of ISRSM;
  • receive discount for subscriptions for seminars and counseling organized by ISRSM;
  • receive Annual report for ISRSM.


The member is obliged to:

  • obey the Law on Standardization, the Statute, decisions and internal acts adopted by the bodies of the Institute;
  • pay annual membership fee on regular basis;
  • place at Institute’ s disposal all information necessary for its work


The membership fee shall be determined by the ISRSM Council based on the following criteria:

  • for legal entities – depending on the nature of the activity, the annual gross/net incomes and the number of employees at the legal entity;
  • for physical entities – in percentage of the average gross salary in the Republic

The membership fee is paid once in a year, at the latest of 30 May in the current year for the current year.