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Free seminar on STANDARDIZATION AND CE MARKING FOR DOORS AND WINDOWS will be held on the 2nd week of May in Skopje & Bitola

In the framework of the EU funded project “Technical assistance for the capacity Building of ISRSM” it will be held a free seminar during the 2nd week of May on standardization and CE marking for doors and windows.


The seminar duration will be around 8 hours including a refreshment  break for the participants. It will be held firstly in Skopje and later on will be repeated in Bitola during the same week.


The tentative program is as follows

European standards linked to windows & doors

Certification in EU: Mandatory and voluntary

Legislation in the EU affecting construction products: the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)  

Study case: AENOR as Notified body 099 for CPR

The CPR applied to windows: present and future

- The CPR applied to doors: present and future

Other EU legislation to shape the doors and windows industry: The ECO DESIGN and energy Labelling DirectivesStudy case: AENOR experience managing standardization activities on doors and windows

Study case: AENOR experience managing certification activities on doors and windows

Future trends: what can we expect regarding EU legal requirements for doors and windows?


For further information and registration to the event, please don’t hesitate to contact with Fernando García Rubiño in the following e-mail address: