Standardization Institute
of the Republic of Macedonia
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Technical committees

ИСРМ ТК 1 Electrical apparatus for explosive atmospheres Active
ИСРМ ТК 2 Electronic communications Active
ИСРМ ТК 3 Water quality Disbanded
ИСРМ ТК 4 Characterization of waste Active
ИСРМ ТК 5 Textile, leather and their products Active
ИСРМ ТК 6 Lifts, escalators and moving walks Active
ИСРМ ТК 7 Petroleum products and lubricants Active
ИСРМ ТК 8 Systems and equipment for thermal protection and fire safety in buildings. Active
ИСРМ ТК 9 Quality management, environmental management and risk management Active
ИСРМ ТК 10 Road vehicles,tractors and mechanization Active
ИСРМ ТК 11 Geotechnics Active
ИСРМ ТК 12 Road – materials, equipment and signs Disbanded
ИСРМ ТК 13 Food Quality Active
ИСРМ ТК 14 Environmental management Disbanded
ИСРМ ТК 15 Non destructive testing Disbanded
ИСРМ ТК 16 Coding of country names and related entities Active
ИСРМ ТК 17 Air quality and Water quaity Active
ИСРМ ТК 18 Accreditation, Conformity Assesment and metrology Active
ИСРМ ТК 19 Safety of machinery Active
ИСРМ ТК 20 Electric Cables Disbanded
ИСРМ ТК 21 Low voltage equipment and electric cables Active
ИСРМ ТК 22 Heating, ventilating, air-conditioning Disbanded
ИСРМ ТК 23 Fire safety in buildings Disbanded
ИСРМ ТК 24 Concrete and concrete products Disbanded
ИСРМ ТК 25 Concrete, concrete products and masonry Active
ИСРМ ТК 26 Forestry, wood technology and furniture Disbanded
ИСРМ ТК 27 Gas technique and equipment Active
ИСРМ ТК 28 Plastics Disbanded
ИСРМ ТК 29 Appliances burning gaseous fuels Disbanded
ИСРМ ТК 30 Eurocodes Disbanded
ИСРМ ТК 31 Electrical lighting Active
ИСРМ ТК 32 Electric power and instalations Active
ИСРМ ТК 33 Metrology Disbanded
ИСРМ ТК 34 Information and communication technologies Active
ИСРМ ТК 35 Non destructive testing, welding and allied processes Active
ИСРМ ТК 36 Chemistry and Plastics Active
ИСРМ ТК 37 Metals and metallurgy Active
ИСРМ ТК 38 Tobacco and tobacco products Active
ИСРМ ТК 39 Terminology
ИСРМ ТК 40 Eurocodes and National Annexes Active
ИСРМ ТК 41 Homeopathy practice and education Disbanded
ИСРМ ТК 42 Human resource management Active
ИСРМ Совет ISRM Council Active