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Stage code: 40.60 - собрани коментари по Н МКС
Opening date: 2018-11-16
Closing date:

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This standard is identical to: prEN 17282 CEN/TC 256

Macedonian title

English title

Railway applications - Infrastructure - Under ballast mats

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Macedonian scope

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English scope

This document is applicable to under ballast mats used in ballasted track and defines the test procedures and their evaluation criteria. This document provides particular information in the following areas: - test methods, test arrangements and evaluation criteria of under ballast mat; - data supplied by the purchaser and by the supplier; - definition of general process of design approval tests; - definition of routine tests. This document defines the specific test procedures for under ballast mat: - stiffness tests; - fatigue tests; - number of tests for severe environmental condition. This document also sets out procedures for testing fitness for purpose and provides information on quality monitoring as part of quality assurance procedures. This document does not, however, contain requirements pertaining to the functions of under ballast mats. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to define these requirements and to choose the optional tests.

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